#211: Understanding Pornography Addiction

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He knows that porn is destroying our marriage… so why can’t he just stop looking? On this Java with Juli, Jonathan Daugherty sits down with Juli to help us understand what’s happening inside the heart of the person who is struggling with a sexual addiction. Grab your java and listen in to a conversation that will help you be more patient with the person in your life who is trapped in sexual sin –even if that person is you.


Guest:  Jonathan Daugherty


Be sure to join us June 12th for a live webinar with Jonathan where we'll tackle your questions about fantasy and masturbation.



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  • Chad Campbell

    Chad Campbell

    Great info! Excellent insight! Thank you Jonathan and Juli. I really enjoyed the conversation.
  • Joel Hughes

    Joel Hughes

    One important insight that Jonathan brought up is that we get distracted by the neuroscience of addiction. The story of porn is not just dopamine because the neurochemistry is serving a deeper purpose. We are not "moist machines," we are embodied spirits. So, for example, the mother-child attachment is not just the story of oxytocin, but rather the oxytocin is a mechanism for establishing the bond of nurturance and self-sacrifice. Porn (and any other compulsive problem) serves a function beyond the primitive reward systems of the brain. Great podcast!
  • Authentic Intimacy

    Authentic Intimacy

    Go to our Event page to register for a live webinar with Jonathan --he'll take your questions about fantasy and masturbation. Go to www.authenticintimacy.com/event

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