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#285: Loving Without Compromise

Yes, you can love a gay or lesbian friend without trying to change them. Sadly, many in the LGBT+ community feel shamed by Christians simply for wrestling with their sexuality.  Join Juli and Dr. Preston Sprinkle for a conversation that will take you one step closer to seeing (and loving) your same-sex attracted friend or transgender neighbor as Christ does.

Guest: Dr. Preston Sprinkle



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  • Hannah Danielle

    Hannah Danielle

    What I love about Authentic Intimacy & Java with Juli is the sensitive, emotionally intelligent approach Dr. Slattery & her guests talk about these issues. And with such staunch devotion to biblical truth! That's so rare. So, so rare. Too often I find biblically grounded content, only to cringe at the way the talk about it, or watered down material that just sounds so warm, so safe. The fact that these pull off both is not just refreshing, it is an example to the Church and I pray that more and more Christians and church-members hear about and consult this ministry. The discussion on fear was helpful too, and describes the Christian response to not just LGBTQ+ issues but others that feel "threatening." For example, Muslims. They're not as scary as many Christians seem to think they are. Considering that many are people who highly value things like faith, family, and God, you may have a lot more in common with them than you think. Thanks Juli for your show & bringing another great guest on to speak about this issue! It's an increasingly important one for Christians intent on engaging in their communities as Christ commands us.
  • Authentic Intimacy

    Authentic Intimacy

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Hannah Danielle. We appreciate hearing from you!




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