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#55: When Marriage Won't Get Better

What do you do when your marriage isn’t what you want it to be, but your spouse won't work on it, no matter how many times you ask, beg or plead? Join Juli and her guests as they talk about how you can live joyously and free from shame even when your marriage is not “successful” according to our traditional Christian ideas.

Guests: Dr. Chuck Misja & Dr. Michael Misja



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  • Andrew Brassyhub

    Andrew Brassyhub

    Thank you for this conversation. At last I feel heard, listened to! I'm a man in a sexless marriage with a woman who has discovered rather late in life that she's a lesbian. So she cannot change, cannot desire me. So how to thrive? Some possible ways forward here. Can I learn to 'embrace the on-going suffering'? Can we be fulfilled and whole, have plenitude, when sex and desire are off the table?
  • Faith Trust

    Faith Trust

    Thank you. I must be one of many suffering exactly like this. It has been 6 years and I am still trying to figure out my place in life, my grief and how to live life. How do you live with someone who does not love you and feels completely indifferent to you yet you are still married to them? It is a life full of questions, how do I honour my husband as Christ asks yet live my daily life with good mental health and maintain a true sense of self in Christ. I am sure there are more people suffering like this and we need support. We get hurt daily by uncaring attitudes and abusive actions. To not live like a martyr and live in the joy of a Christian life is a challenge that sometimes seems unattainable. Juli more help for many people deeply suffering would be so helpful on this platform. Not all have access to counselling or can afford programs. With deep appreciation.
  • Authentic Intimacy

    Authentic Intimacy

    Andrew ~ I'm so glad this conversation ministered to you! I encourage you to get a copy of the book by the guests (Dr. Chuck Misja, Dr. Michael Misja) called Thriving Despite a Difficult Marriage. It goes much further in-depth into the questions of how to keep your heart open to experience joy, gratitude and companionship, even when your marriage relationship is not as God intended or what you hoped for.
  • Authentic Intimacy

    Authentic Intimacy

    Faith Trust ~ thank you for your story. You're courageous to even ask the questions you're asking here. It is obvious you want to honor both Jesus and your husband. The book Thriving Despite a Difficult Marriage would be a great resource for you. I know they talk more about living with the daily hurt of an uncaring spouse's actions, words or disinterest. They offer no easy answers, but as you heard in the conversation, will help you to understand how to guard your heart from that environment so that you can live with joy, in Christ's strength and grace, and find relationship with others (relationships that honor your marriage).




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