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#265: The Hard (and Hopeful) Truth About Losing a Spouse

“God created our bodies to become one in marriage in a very physical and neurological way. When that is suddenly ripped apart, there’s a severe grieving that happens …and nobody talks about it.”   In this episode Juli sits down with Rachael Flick, widow of fallen police officer Micah Flick, to learn about living through the loss of a spouse.  Whether you’re divorced or widowed (or you know someone who recently has been), grab your java and pull up a chair for an honest conversation about the difficult moments, the beautiful moments, and the daily life in between.

Guest: Rachael Flick


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  • Donald Shifflett

    Donald Shifflett

    Thanks for your honest discussion. I lost my wife of 28 years suddenly and there are lots of transitions that were very hard. I have told many people that it is easy to believe in Gods sovereignty until your spouse dies unexpectedly. God has been good to me even though the initial pain was so deep early on in my loss. I too had a lot of pain losing the physical side of my relationship. My primary love language is also physical so I had to guard myself in the new relationships as ti tried to move forward. It is easy to replace many of the things my spouse did but as a Christian trying to remain pure the physical side was one of the hardest things I had to deal with. God has now given me a beautiful new wife and we are looking forward to serving the Lord in the future. I would recommend some type of grief counseling to anyone who has had a loss. It helped my family to adjust to the loss.
  • Jacci Roberts

    Jacci Roberts

    Thanks for sharing your story, Donald. Many blessings on your new marriage!




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