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#428: Don't Say That to Your Single Friends (Say This Instead)

It happens.

Despite good intentions, perhaps without realizing it, you say something careless to a single friend. You've got time. Let God write your love story.

Sometimes, there's no harm done. Other times... it hurts.

In this episode, find out what not to say to your single friends and what to say instead.

Guest: Lisa Anderson, Boundless

Show notes:


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#427: Proverbs 31 Is a Picture of Intimacy, Not a To-do List

Could it be that Proverbs 31 isn't just for married women? In its original language, this 22-line Hebrew poem is a picture of the intimate relationship between Christ and his Bride (and if you follow Jesus, that's you).

Guests: Hannah Nitz & Robin Luton

Show notes:

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#426: How To Better Understand the Complexity Beneath Gender Dysphoria

What’s the difference between sexual identity and gender identity?

Should parents use preferred pronouns? Or allow kids to dress in a gender-fluid way?

Is the rise in gender dysphoria just a “trend”?

Join us as we seek to better understand the complexity beneath gender dysphoria. You CAN lean into compassion—and keep your convictions—as you engage with others who are walking in this space.  

Help for parents here! Grab your Java and join us.

Guest: Dr. Julia Sadusky


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#425: Bonus! How To Build Community & Friendships with Intention and Grace

Feeling stuck in your friendships? You're not alone! As the seasons of life change, our friendships don't always keep up. If you're looking for practical wisdom to help you create meaningful connection with others, this episode is for you!

"Building rooted community is the practice of little, by little, by little..." Bailey Hurley

Follow @authenticintimacy and @bailey.t.hurley on IG and tell us, Which of the four friend types are you? Do you have one of each type in your circle of friends?

Guest: Bailey T. Hurley

Show notes and next steps:

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#424: A 54-Year Friendship That Broke Through Cross-Cultural Barriers

Their friendship defied the odds. In the late 60s, in the South, these men weren’t supposed to become friends. Yet, with Jesus as their common ground, they began to seal up tiny little cracks in the racial divide around them. What if we all did that?

Grab your Java. Hear their story.

Guests: Gary Chapman & Clarence Shuler

Show notes:

Life-Changing Cross-Cultural Friendships by Gary Chapman & Clarence Shuler*

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