#297: Finding Freedom in the Midst of Brokenness

Many gay Christians feel they must either deny their sexual feelings in order to be accepted by God or embrace the idea that God accepts them--just as they are.  For most, neither of these options bring complete freedom or satisfaction. Is there a better way? In this episode, Juli's guest Laurence Koo shares how he wrestled with God over his unwanted same-sex attraction, and how he found freedom to follow Jesus completely --fully accepted and loved, same-sex desires and all. Grab your java and join us!

Guest: Laurence Koo


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#296: An Insider's Story of Human Trafficking

Have you ever wondered why U.S. trafficking victims don’t just run? Do you feel compassion for child victims, but not so much for adult women? (Ouch.) Juli’s guest today is a trafficking survivor who now helps groups such as the FBI, Homeland Security, medical professionals and prosecutors better understand the underground world of human trafficking. Join us to learn why “running” isn’t always as simple as it seems.

Guest: Rebecca Bender


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#295: We All "Desconstruct," It's Reconstructing that Matters

Questions about sexuality, sexual abuse, and gender have sent a new wave of “deconstructing” throughout the Christian community—people turning from their faith because God hasn’t turned out to be who they thought He was. When a loved one struggles, we tend to get nervous and try to talk them out of their doubts or choices. Join us for a conversation about why it's okay—and even good—for us to wrestle with our faith and ask God hard questions.

Guests: Hannah Nitz & Tricia Lott Williford


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#294: When You Want Sex, But Your Spouse Doesn't

In every marriage, there is typically one partner with a higher sexual drive. And that person is usually trying to convince the other to have more sex! In this episode, Juli and her guest talk about how to move beyond "I have a need, and you have an obligation" to something much more intimate.

Guest: Dr. Corey Allan



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#293: Secrets to a Lasting Relationship

Dating has changed. A LOT. In the last decade, cohabitation, sex, and sexual experimentation have been touted as the best ways to get to know someone (or yourself). Couples who try to marry these ideas with their Christian faith often end up hurt and confused. Join Juli and author Scott Kedersha for a conversation that will help couples --dating, engaged, and newlywed-- navigate faulty messages about love, and take the next step toward an intimate and fulfilling marriage.

Guest: Scott Kedersha


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