#301: Staying Connected With the Next Generation

When you hear "generational gap," do you think: about your mother, who can't understand your parenting choices? How you'll ever clear this technology hurdle and connect with your grandkids? Or, maybe you're wondering why your adult children get irritated when you offer advice?  In this episode, Juli, Linda and Yvette share thoughts for parents, children and grandparents who want to improve their relationships with the generations before and after them.

Guests: Linda Dillow & Yvette Maher


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#22: Intimacy, Sex & Aging

Intimacy with your spouse is important is all phases of life--even when you're celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary! Many aspects of our relationships change as we get older, but don't assume you have to stop having sex or physical intimacy together. In this episode, Dr. Gary Chapman and Linda Dillow join Juli to discuss how the dynamics of sexual intimacy change as we age.

Guests: Linda Dillow & Gary Chapman


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#300: Christians Struggle with Sexual Addiction Too

Did you know that 68% of Christian men struggle with unwanted sexual behavior? That 25% of Christian women use sex to hide a deeper issue that they’re struggling with? We tend to believe that, if we really love Jesus, we won’t struggle with sex. Juli’s guest today, Nick Stumbo, struggled with pornography while serving as a pastor. Join them for a conversation about overcoming addiction, the flawed thinking that good Christians don’t fall into sexual sin, and why sexual discipleship® is so important!

Guest: Nick Stumbo



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#299: Making Marriage Fun! (Even When It's Hard)

Marriage can be hard, but it doesn’t have to stop being fun! Arguments, grief, or even just the busyness of life can make you forget that, at one time, you really enjoyed being with your spouse. Join us for a conversation about how we sometimes make marriage harder than it has to be, how to connect with a spouse who struggles to talk about your marriage, and how churches can make marriage ministry, well, a little less feminine.

Guest: Ted Lowe


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#298: Bonus! Sexual Identity is Big, Identity As a Child of God is Bigger

In this episode, Juli continues her conversation with Laurence Koo. Join them as they discuss the tension created when so much of our identity gets wrapped up in our sexuality.  They'll talk about how to walk with others in this tension, how to love and engage with your child who is same-sex attracted, and how the life of a single Christian following Jesus is rich in intimacy, relationships, and service.

Guest: Laurence Koo



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