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#156: How To Keep Your Heart Open When You Don't Feel Emotionally Safe

"Open" is the default setting of our hearts. When our hearts are closed, we lack perspective. We're more likely to make poor decisions. But the real danger is allowing our hearts to stay shut down. Grab your Java and join us for a little "heart care."

Friends, please note that this conversation is not nuanced nor intended to be applied to situations of domestic abuse. If you wonder if conflict in your marriage has become abusive, head over to Juli's blog How Do I Know If I'm in an Abusive Relationship? to help you determine next steps toward safety.

Guests: Dr. Greg & Erin Smalley

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#155: How To Fight With Your Spouse

Are you ready to fight your way to a better marriage? Conflict presents an incredible opportunity for couples. When done well, it can take you to a level of intimacy where you say, "That was hard; but I'd do it again."

Guests: Greg and Erin Smalley

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#436: Friendship Trends Gone Wrong? (How to Keep Your Friendships Healthy)

Boundaries are a tricky part of friendship. Friends help us meet legitimate needs for companionship, spiritual growth, encouragement, and recreationbut when does a friendship become unhealthy?

To find out, pull up a chair and grab your Java.

Guest: Kelly Needham

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#435: What's the Most Important Thing the Bible Says About Your Identity?

"The journey of the Christian life is that God has increasingly more of me." - Dr. Juli Slattery

Juli and Hannah talk about sexual desire, discipleship, and the time between giving your heart to Christ and giving Him everything else.

Grab your Java and join us.

Co-host: Hannah Nitz

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#434: Is Sexual Sin More Than Just Your Behavior?

If you are a Christian, you are a new creation—the old has gone and all things have become new. As new creations in Christ, what does it look like to bring our sexual desires under His lordship? Whether you're single or married, whether you experience same-sex attraction or not, this is a consistent call in the life of every believer.

Pull up a chair to learn more and don't forget to join us next time, too, when Juli will share more of her own thoughts on these difficult questions.

Guest: Dr. Christopher Yuan

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