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#366: No More Pushing Past the Pain! God Cares About Your Sexual Pleasure

What do you do when sex hurts?  Do you white-knuckle your way through it, because you think you should? In this episode, hear why trying to push through the pain doesn’t work nor is it what God wants for you. We’ll offer advice to help you find the right provider or therapist to help you understand and treat the reason for your pain. You're not alone! Grab your Java and join us.

Guests: Dr. Carol Tanksley, OB-GYN and Joy Skarka

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#365: How To Create a Language That Brings Meaning to Your Lovemaking

How long would you like foreplay to last? How important is it to have an orgasm every time we have sex? Complete this sentence: During lovemaking, I wish that you would…

When was the last time you had a conversation with your spouse that included questions like these?  In this Java with Juli episode, sex therapist Dr. Doug Rosenau joins Juli to help couples learn to talk about sex. Grab your Java and your spouse (this is a good one to listen to together) and join us!

Guest: Dr. Doug Rosenau


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#364: How to Work Your Way Back to Sexual Intimacy After Infidelity

After sexual infidelity, how do you know when to start having sex again? Recovery is layered, complex, and different for every couple. (And let’s be honest: historically, the Church has not ministered well here.) In this Java with Juli, learn what a healthy recovery process looks like for a grieving wife and why sex and intimacy need to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Couples will try to go back to having sex the way they always have had sex [prior to betrayal]. And I think they have to understand that they’re creating something completely new – just like their marriage. -Lyschel Burket

Guest: Lyschel Burket, APSATS-c


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#363: Why Are Christians Afraid Of the LGBT+ Conversation?

When it comes to sexuality, can you explain why you believe what you believe? Does God’s "one man and one woman" design for sexuality feel like a barrier to sharing your faith with others? God talks about sex throughout the Bible, how come it is (and has been) so hard for us to talk about it?  In this Java with Juli, you’ll hear why we struggle to answer today’s questions about sexuality, yet how sexuality, in this moment in history, can actually be a bridge to sharing the gospel.

Guest: Rachel Gilson,

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#362: How To Become a Better "Better Half" with Jamie Ivey

A complement, according to Webster, is “something that fills up, completes, or makes better or perfect.” Romantic as that is, it’s a tall order in a relationship between two imperfect people! So then, what does it look like to be your spouse’s complement? In this episode, Jamie Ivey shares what God has taught her as she looks back on her own marriage of 20 years. No simplistic formulas, no easy answers, and no perfect people; just rich conversation and bold truth – so grab your Java and join us!

Guest: Jamie Ivey

I grew up thinking that a marriage is where the man works, makes money, then comes home and sits in his Lazy Boy, and the wife has dinner ready by the time he gets there... that's not what God says marriage is. He doesn't say the man goes and works and the woman makes dinner -- and there's no Lazy Boy in the Bible. -Jamie Ivey

Show notes:


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