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#423: How to "Rethink" Issues in Our Church Culture Around Sexuality & Abuse

We need to be asking some hard questions. In the wake of the SBC investigation, along with the growing tsunami of fallen pastors, spiritual abuse, and marginalized victims, Juli shares how you can be proactive for change.

Co-host: Brian Dahlen

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#422: How to Care for Both Women and Children in the Wake of the Dobbs Decision

Do you know that God’s heart is for both women and their unborn children, and don’t know where you fit in the pro-life/pro-choice divide? Juli’s guest offers a third option: “When Jesus was confronted with two conflicting ideas, He always pointed out that neither offered the complete picture and instead gave a third, Kingdom response.”

Guest: Angie Weszely, ProGrace

Show notes:


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#421: "God, Sex, and Your Marriage" Q&A with Juli Slattery

You're starting to see how sexual intimacy is a reflection of covenant love. But what does that actually look like in your sex life...

When you can't experience orgasm?

When your spouse has no sexual desire?

When your spouse has had an affair?

Juli tackles real-life questions we've received from men and women just like you.

Co-host: Hannah Nitz


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#420: Bonus! What Redemption and Sexual Intimacy Look Like in Real Life

Sex was nothing like what they were told it was going to be. She felt pain. He felt guilt. Together, they're on a journey toward wholeness. Join Juli Slattery and her guests to hear what redemption and sexual intimacy look like in real life.    

Guests: Cory & Keyla Morgan


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#419: Why Sexual Intimacy is About So Much More Than Just Having Sex

Are you working from the wrong understanding of what makes a great sex life? Find out in this conversation from Juli's new book God, Sex, and Your Marriage.

"Sometimes we’re so focused on sexual activity, that we walk right past the opportunity to develop intimacy." Juli Slattery 

Guest: Hannah Nitz

Show notes:


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