God, Sex, and Your Marriage

By Dr. Juli Slattery 

Sexual intimacy is a challenge for many couples, but what if you are working from the wrong understanding of what makes a great sex life? 

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Juli Slattery helps you to view every aspect of your sexual relationship through the lens of God's unfailing love and address practical questions like: 

  • What place does pleasure have in a Christian marriage?
  • How does a history of pornography impact your sex life, and how do you recover? 
  • What do you do if you have different sexual desires than your spouse? 

Brad and Marilyn Rhoads

Co-Founders of Grace Marriage

God, Sex, and Your Marriage is an excellent and theologically sound resource that incorporates spirituality and sexuality. Colossians 3:17 says, “whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus...” (ESV). Dr. Slattery teaches how we can enjoy sex in the name of the Jesus and grow in our relationship with Him through God’s gift of sex. This book will help you grow in your walk with Christ and in your enjoyment of your spouse.

Dr. Gary Chapman

Author of The 5 Love Languages

Mutual sexual fulfillment is the desire of most married couples, but often seems illusive. It may seem strange to Christian ears that God has that same desire for your marriage. In God, Sex, and Your Marriage, Dr. Juli Slattery clarifies the power of letting God into the marital bedroom. Understanding God’s perspective has the potential of greatly enhancing your sexual relationship.

Dave and Ann Wilson

Co-Hosts of Family Life Today

This is a MUST READ for every married couple. And even singles. Juli brings a wisdom and insight into God’s design for sexuality that will deepen your understanding of God’s dream for married sex, but also of God Himself. Her teaching on “yada” is worth the whole book. Get it. Read it. Apply it. And share this book with others because these truths are needed now more than ever.

"This book is so good! Most churches and many in “Christian circles” avoid discussing biblical sex and having those awkward conversations, which ignores the fact that God created it! Dr. Slattery does a wonderful job (again) starting the conversation and changing the way Christians view and talk about sex in this book.  Thank you for this book! It’s a must-read."