In every church, in every row are women who carry secrets and questions about sexuality, sexual abuse, abortions, pornography, and sexual identity.  The virtual silence on these topics reinforces the thinking that God doesn’t deal with our sexuality. So we look for answers to these sensitive topics on Google, Cosmo, or other sources of “worldly” wisdom.

As leaders in our homes, in our communities, and in our churches, we believe it's important to focus on two words that are rarely put together: sexual discipleship™. 

The average Christian woman has been sexually discipled by the world. With Beth Moore in one hand and Bible Study Fellowship in the other, she knows the Scriptures related to every area of life, but has very little truth on how to answer the questions they have around sex. Question like...

How do I enjoy sex in my marriage? It’s always been a chore to me.

If my husband loves me, why is he looking at porn?

Where was God when I was sexually abused as a child?

Why would God give me a sex drive and make me single?

Why does God care if I sleep with my boyfriend? We love each other.

I don’t understand why God wouldn’t want two men or two women to be married. After all, isn’t He all about love?

Am I sinning every time I masturbate?

How do I get past the shame of my sexual sin?

How can I possibly trust again after my husband was unfaithful?

As a mother, friend, or leader, are you equipped to answer these questions? Join Dr. Juli Slattery to understand sexual discipleship™ and steps you can take to understand, apply, and teach God's Truths in this area. 

Thank you to womensministry.net for partnering with us to make this event happen! 


September 20, 2016 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)