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My wife of ten years isn't interested in sex anymore.
I'm 67 she is 55. I'm very interested and she says she doesn't even think about it.
In the begining years everything was great.
We would make love at least 3 times a week.
Now , maybe after a few years, once a month. MAYBE.
We are both in good health and " atractive" for what that is worth.
I try to look good, dress well, have good hygene, and basically take care of her like a queen.
She loves me and does all the little things to prove it. Maybe "show it" would be a better description.
BUT,....when it comes to making love,.....she just isn't interested.
She still works and I am very considerate of giveing her decompression time. I'm not constantly "chasing" her for sex.
But if I broach the subjest she gets defensive.
We hold hands, dance in the kitchen, hug, cuddle and do everything together,..................except make love.
It hurts my heart and I feel rejected. I found a Pod Cast here and played it for her so she might understand how I feel.
We shall see..............

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Authentic Intimacy
Friend, thank you for sharing! We want you to know that you're not alone. We hear from many others, both husbands and wives, with similar stories. There is so much that can happen in a woman's body as we age and change. I hope you continue to gently pursue your wife, put her needs above your own (Phil 2:3 - our favorite marriage passage!), and come to a place where you can seek restoration together for this important aspect of marriage. Sharing a podcast with her is a great way to start a conversation!
In the woods.
I put her needs above my own every day.
The only thing she refuses to let me do is the laundry.



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