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Why Is Healing So Hard?

Tina and I met together for counseling several years ago to work through some traumatic experiences from her past. A year after our work together was done, Tina came in for a “check up.” She shared with me that within that year, she had undergone surgery, radiation and chemotherapy for breast cancer. What she said next shocked me. Counseling was more painful than what I have been...

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Remembering Your Way Out of Discouragement

Have you ever faced a difficult season only to have friends tell you to trust in God? While you know their advice is right, it doesn’t seem very practical. What does it actually look like to trust in God through trials and discouragement? David faced almost every trial imaginable throughout his lifetime. He lost children to illness and violence, was rejected by a spouse, was homeless,...

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Q&A: Hasn't God Promised Me a Fulfilling Marriage?

This question comes from a reader: "I know the Word says that God is good, and I know I should have patience in waiting, but what can help me battle the sadness, the deep loneliness, that comes from years of unfulfilled goodness that’s supposed to be mine in my marriage?"

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Q&A: How Do I Talk to a Teen About Sexual Integrity?

This question came from a reader, and is an important one for parents: "I love your message of sexual integrity and sexual discipleship. But it’s still new to me, and I’m processing it. I was never taught this message of sexuality and suffered through a bad marriage, committed adultery, and eventually got a divorce. I’ve remarried and we have a son who is 15. How do I ...

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Longing for Hope When Leaders Fail

Sometimes what is happening in the world overwhelms my “to do” list. Today feels like one of those days. This blog post isn’t about intimacy, relationships, or sexuality. It’s about the brokenness we all see all around us. As children and teenagers, our spiritual and political leaders loom larger than life. We generally believe that their experience and education hav...

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Q&A: How Do I Talk to My Kids About Masturbation?

This question is from a parent, and it’s a very common one: "What information would you have for parents who are looking to address masturbation? Our 13-year-old daughter has recently admitted to touching herself and I want to be sensitive to the matter—not shame her, but to have a conversation about it. What do you recommend?"

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Parenting Through Weakness

Dear Juli, I’m the mom of two teenage girls. I know I need to talk to them about sex but honestly, I don’t know where to begin. My sex life is a mess. My husband and I have relied on porn in our marriage for years. I have abuse in my past that I’ve never dealt with. I feel so messed up in my own life … how can I possibly help my daughters? One of the greatest barr...

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Q&A: My Husband Wants Me to Watch Videos to Learn More About Sex. Should I?

This question comes from a wife: "My husband has had sexual partners before me, but he has been my only sexual partner. He has suggested I watch videos to learn more about sex. I don't want to do that, but what should I do?"

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Taming the Tongue on Groundhog Day

I’ve heard a lot of people comment that life right now feels like the movie “Groundhog Day”—the same thing over and over again with no end in sight. While there are blessings in having our lives slow down, there are also tensions and frustrations that overflow out of our hearts through our mouths and onto the people we really want to show love. Your spouse, your children...

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