At Authentic Intimacy®, we are passionate about reclaiming God's design for sexuality. One of the main ways we do that is through our events and conferences. We would love to work with you to bring Dr. Juli Slattery to your community.


Authentic Intimacy's events are for churches, leaders, women's groups, communities, and ministries that want to learn God's Truth, design, and answers around sexuality. We will work with you to build an event that fits your church's needs and demographics.

For the past four years, all of our events have been for women. However, starting in 2017, we are now also offering events for men and women. Our desire is for every Christian to understand the importance of sexual discipleship, and we know our events are a step toward men and women being able to understand and apply God's Truth.


In every church, in every row, are men and women who carry secrets and secret questions about sexuality, sexual abuse, abortions, pornography, and sexual identity.  The virtual silence on these topics reinforces the thinking that God doesn’t deal with our sexuality. So we look for answers to these sensitive topics on Google, Cosmo, or other sources of “worldly” wisdom. At Authentic Intimacy, we are asking the Christian Church to take a stand and boldly proclaim God's Truth on sexuality. We believe sexuality is a holy metaphor to our relationship with Christ, and it must be addressed in every single church. Learn more about what we believe here.

Interested in bringing Dr. Juli Slattery to your community? Send us a quick message, and we will get back with you!

Rethinking Sexuality Conference

This conference brings the "why does sexuality matter" conversation to every believer- 18 to 80. It helps us understand the importance of not just having the right answers around sexuality, but truly being discipled in it. SEXUAL DISCIPLESHIP. This material is highly recommended for all pastors, church leaders, and individuals in ministry. 

Authentic Intimacy Conference

This is our standard conference and definitely our favorite. Juli will help single and married women understand God's Truth on sexuality. Throughout the day, Dr. Juli Slattery will teach on why God cares about sexuality, what holy sexuality looks like, and even do a live Q&A. 

Ladies Night Out


We love working with churches to create a fun "ladies night out", where women come together for an evening or morning out. Dr. Juli will talk on sexuality, and through her playful yet Biblical teaching, help women understand God's Truth on Sexuality. We will spend the second half of our time doing a live Q&A and just make it a fun night for ladies to fellowship and also talk about sexuality. 

Surprised By the Healer Conference

This event is based off our book Surprised By the Healer, that tells 9 stories of women who have had sexual and relational brokenness and their story of healing. During this conference, Juli will invite women to trust God with every hurting piece of their life- sexual pain, struggles in marriage, forgiveness, and disappointments- learning that God isn't just a savior and friend, but a Healer.

Marriage & Intimacy Conference 

God designed marriage for intimacy within covenant love. Unfortunately, most couples are too burdened by conflict, past wounds and fear to experience this depth of love. Dr. Juli Slattery teaches how to use your power in marriage to build intimacy and safety. In session two, she teaches specifically about how to overcome barriers to a thriving sexual relationship.

College Outreach


Dr. Juli Slattery would love to come to your college campus to teach and answer questions on intimacy, sex, and relationships. We can work with your college to figure out what works best- speaking at chapel, partnering with a campus ministry, training your campus leaders, and a live Q&A girls night.

"I had to drag my husband to the Authentic Intimacy event, but as soon as we walked out he wouldn't stop talking about it. If every church was bold enough to bring Juli in and teach on sexuality, marriages would be saved and Christians would be more whole. I can't recommend Authentic Intimacy enough."       

- Conference Attendee, November 2016

“I am so thankful for Dr. Juli Slattery and Authentic Intimacy for the indelible impression they had on our church.  Our women were touched at a deep heart level.  They heard things that they never had before in a church setting and marriages were greatly impacted!  I thank God for the grace and wisdom with which Juli shared and taught."

- Suzanne, Pastor's Wife at Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale

"When I heard your talk in Ohio about sex and it was like a breath of fresh air. I feel like I am gaining new freedom in my marriage, sex life and relationship with God thanks to you. I have been listening and reading more about God’s word. He is rocking my life. I find that I am seeking new meaning in my life and marriage. Thank you for changing me."

- Conference Attendee, April 2016



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